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RSD Tyler Durden - The Blueprint Decoded

RSD Tyler Durden - The Blueprint Decoded
The Blueprint Decoded: Real Social Dynamics | 5.39 GB
Country: USA | Synchron: 1-19 DVD

The Blueprint Decoded Will AWAKEN YOU To The Most Profound Secrets Of Dating Mastery And Actualization Like A Syringe Of Adrenaline Punched Straight Into Your Heart
Alright so by now you probably get it that this is a big deal.

"RSD Tyler Durden - The Blueprint Decoded"

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But really, what you want here are STRAIGHT FACTS about the program.
So onto the million dollar question...

Right off the bat, youve probably noticed in all of the success stories that even the people who attended have a hard time breaking everything down youre about to experience into words.
Thats because this program is very much experiential.
The Blueprint Decoded not only pummels you mercilessly with laser-specific knowledge, arming you to the teeth with every theoretical and practical golden-nugget that you need to hit the next level but it is also going to ACTIVELY push you through the types of emotional experiences that invoke IDENTITY LEVEL CHANGE.
I accomplish this very much through leading by example, or, as they say in hypnosis going first.
Have you ever had a night out meeting women where you were dragging or not in state??
Well throughout the four epiphany-saturated days of this program I am CARRYING YOUR STATE THROUGH THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE.
Ive learned how to do this from years and years of going out to the point where I can carry the energy not only of myself but an entire audience for pretty much as long as it takes.
(If this sounds like an ability that might come in extremely handy for you in the field youre absolutely right).
How is this possible??
Well it comes down to one of the major breakthroughs you will experience in this program, which is to Draw your state from within, not from your ever-changing environment... (which many people theoretically understand but few can actually ACCOMPLISH).
Follow me here...
The key understanding is you have to find your sense of feeling GOOD and SUPER CONFIDENT independent of ANY external-circumstances.
Women can feel this coming off of you on a level where they feel a masculine polarity and become exceedingly attracted to you pretty much instantly.
Its what gives you the power to draw women into your reality and pass their congruence tests automatically without even trying.
Ive been going out and meeting women for years and years, and at this point holding myself in an awesome 100 internally based state is just second-nature (frankly a joke) and this program is going to teach YOU the shortcuts to doing the same.
(This also by-passes the need for most tactics and techniques and transforms you into a true natural).
Now one of the reasons this program had to be FOUR DAYS TOTAL IMMERSION is that, being very blunt, by LIVING the experience day after day it will finally click to you THIS GUY IS NOT KIDDING...
Its not like on Day 1 Im feeling great and by Day 4 Im worn out.

With The Blueprint Decoded the first day is chill and laid back, and by the FOURTH DAY Ive pushed myself and YOU THE AUDIENCE so deeply into the moment that the energy in the room is just SURGING.
The experience builds and builds...
The major epiphany here is that Drawing your state from within is not only ACTUALLY POSSIBLE but actually EASIER than dealing with the day-to-day nonsense of trying leech it from your environment like 99 of guys try to do.
By the end of this program you will fully understand what it means to be in alignment with your world, and to fully experience your power as a man.
And this results that this will give you with women??
Were not just talking THEORETICAL (like a lot of programs that teach this type of stuff).
It means MEASURABLE as in once you have it down, you are pretty much guaranteed to have those on nights where you just OWN IT out there with women ALL THE TIME.
(And if you dont, youll still be able to precisely pin-point exactly where you went wrong and fix it for next time).
This is going to make being attractive to women Something you ARE, not just something you DO...
Its going to teach you how to create massive attraction with women not just in SUDDEN SPIKES (like when you launch off a single pick up line and wait for the reaction) but in a CONSISTENT SIMMER where your ENTIRE PERSONALITY is creating the attraction for you at all times not just a finite number of lines thats bound to run out very soon.
Sound like fun??
Well thats really just the tip of the iceberg...

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RSD Tyler Durden - The Blueprint Decoded

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